International Business Development and Import-Export Consulting Services

Product Sourcing

Harkness International handles any kind of product in large quantities, such as:

  • Promotional products for extensive distribution.
  • Ongoing supply of new and innovative products.
  • Specialized promotional luxury items.
  • Specialized parts and/or equipment for your manufacturing or assembly line(s).
  • All the essential supplies for your business or manufacturing project.
Regardless the customer’s need, we have the experience and worldwide contacts. For information on commodities, please see the Commodity Products page.
Harkness International handles all products in large quantities


Need to Know

  • Harkness International handles products in large quantities, from a full shipping container all the way up to an entire boatload of products.  (See the Shipping Specifications section.) Harkness International is not a drop-shipper.
  • If you need to conduct re-tooling of your manufacturing equipment, allow time in your schedule for us to complete and integrate the re-tooling into the manufacturing line.
  • Allow time for international shipping and customs clearance at the ports of origin and destination.
  • To begin the process, we will help you determine:
  • Product Specifications
  • Quantity
  • Date of Delivery
  • Target Price
  • Packaging
  • Weight and Volume
  • Mode of Transportation.

Harkness International will take it from there. With over 40 years of experience all over the world, we know how to get your order filled so you receive exactly what you want in the quantity and quality you ordered.

Contact us to learn how to purchase the product(s) for your business.

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