International Business Development and Import-Export Consulting Services

Import/Export Consulting

Import/Export Consulting Services 

With over 40 years of experience in the international business sector, Harkness International can manage your company’s international importing and exporting needs from beginning to end.

International business, and its legalities, can be overwhelming. Harkness International handles every step of importing and exporting so you can have peace of mind.


We can handle any type of product that our customers need, even products that require specialized pre-packaging. Additionally, we take care of all the shipping and delivery challenges that may arise so that the product is delivered directly to you or the location specified.

It is very important to consider the shipping specifications; for this reason please refer to the Shipping Specifications section in this site.  We only deal with large quantities of items and we are not a drop shipper.

we are experts at importing and exporting international business


If you want to sell your product(s) abroad, Harkness International gets the job done. We know where and how to showcase your product so it gets the attention needed for sales and branding.

We also know all the ins and outs to help you open a business branch in another country.

The possibilities are endless, and driven primarily by your own entrepreneurial spirit; with the advantage of knowing that you can rely on Harkness International to make your international goals a reality.

Contact us today and we will start working on your international venture together!

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