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Harkness International Wheat , White and Red Wheat (Hard & Soft)

White Wheat, Grade #2 Commodity: Hard and Soft.

Product: Soft White Wheat Grade #2

Origin:  USA
Test Weight: 60.9 lbs/bu.{80.1 kg/hl} Average
Damaged Kernels: 0.1% Average
Foreign Number: 0.1% Average
Shrunken & Broken: 0.6% Average
Dockage: 0.7% Average
Protein(12% MB): 9.2% Average
Moisture: 9.7% Average

Flour Data:
Protein (14% MB): 8.4/9.3 Average
Ash (14% MB): 1.35/1.57 Average
Wet Gluten: 19.8% Average
Gluten Index: 76.6% Average
Falling Number: 333 Seconds Average
Radiation: None

Free of molding, chemicals, pests, or insects

Product:   Hard White Wheat Southern Plains

Wheat Grade Data:
Test Weight: 79.6 (kg/hl)
Damaged Kernels: 0.0%
Foreign Material: 0.1%
Shrunken & Broken: 0.9%
Total Defects: 1.0%
Grade 1 HW
Origin: USA

Wheat Non-Grade Data:
Dockage: 1.2%
Moisture: 12.3%
Protein 12%/0% moisture basis: 12.4/14.1%
Ash 14%/0% moisture basis: 1.63/1.90%
1000 Kernel Weight: 30.7g
Kernel Size lg/md/sm: 55/44/1%
Single Kernel: Hardness 74.5
Sedimentation: 39.2cc
Falling Number: 356sec

Free of Molding, Chemicals, Pests, or Insects

Flour Data:

Lab Mill Extraction: 74.6%
Protein 14%/0% moisture basis: 10.8/12.6%
Ash 14%/0% moisture basis: 0.51/0.59%
Wet Gluten: 28.8%
Gluten Index: 91.1%
Falling Number 375sec
Amylograph Viscosity: 65g (bu) 468
Starch Damage: 5.2%
Solvent Retention Capacity:
Water/50% Sucrose: 59/90%
5% Lactic Acid/5% Na2Co2: 146/75


<span style=”font-family: Verdana, Arial;” data-mce-style=”font-family: Verdana, Arial;”> We have hard white wheat for sale, as well is soft white wheat flour available to suppliers looking to buy or sell commodities on a worldwide basis. This white wheat meal will feed many people purchase in bulk or through wheat futures. It’s market price is set on the cbot By managers experienced with agricultural trading issues. No matter whether you want to buy buyer buying hard white wheat or are the to sell seller selling soft white wheat, you need to commodity brokers of Harkness international Corp. </span>

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