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Our experience in soybean commodities, especially grade 2 soybeans, requires that we become more intimately involved with our manufacturers’ products. This means spending time understanding those products and use our extensive knowledge of the import/export soybean market so as to save our client both time and money.

Product: Soybeans #2  {GMO}
Origin: USA
Protein: 35.3% Average
Moisture: 14.6% Average
Foreign Matter: 1% basis: 2% Average
Poisonous seed/husks: NONE
Oil Content: 18.6% Basic Average
Total damaged Beans: 3% Average
Weight/Bushel: 55lbs/bu. – 70KG/HL Average
Split: 20% Average
Other Color: 2% Average
Radiation: none

Free of molding, chemicals, pests, or insects

This product is “Genetically Modified or Altered.”
The seeds are Monsanto Company.

Commodity broker of Soybeans that are Free of molding, chemicals, pests, or insects


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