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Soybean Meal

Our experience in soybean meal commodities requires that we become more intimately involved with our client’s products. This means spending time understanding those products and use our extensive knowledge of the soybean market — it’s advantages and distribution network — in order to get the best possible price for our clients.

Product:  Soybean Meal Dehulled
Origin:  USA
Dry Matter: 89% Average
Crude Fat 0.5% Minimum
Crude Protein: 47.5% Minimum
Crude Fiber: 03.3% Maximum
Moisture 12.5% Maximum
Neutral Detergent Fiber: 07.1% Average
Acid Detergent Fiber: 05.3% Average
Ash: 1.5% Maximum
Calcium: 00.2% Average
Phosphorus: 0.65% Average
Total Digestible Nutrients: 78.0% Average
Anticaking Agent 0.5% Maximum
Net Energy-Lactation: 81.1 Meal/100 lbs. Average

Free of molding, chemicals, pests, or insects

Experts in the Soybean Meal Commodities Market

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