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Hard Red Wheat (Winter & Spring)

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Do you need commodity Hard Red Winter Wheat Grade #2?

Product:  Hard Red Winter Wheat Grade #2
Origin:  USA
Protein: 12.3%
Moisture: 10.8%
Wet Gluten (%) 28.2%
Gluten Index 96.4%
Damaged Kernels: 0.2%
Foreign Materials: 0.1%
Imperfect Grains: 0.8%
Shrunken/Broken: 1.2%
Falling Numbers: 397
Dockage: 0.5%
Test Weight: 80.6 KG/HL

Dough Properties:

Peak Time (min) 4.9
Stability (min) 14.2
Absorption (%) 57.1
Alveograph: P (mm) 77
L (mm) 94
P/L Ratio 0.86
W (10-4 joules) 253
Extensograph: Resistance (BU) 367/607
(45/135 min) Extensibility (cm) 14.4/13.6
Area (sq cm) 96/137

Free of Molding, Chemicals, Pests, or Insects



Wheat Grade Data:

Test Weight: 79.4 (kg/hl)
Damaged Kernels: 0.2%
Foreign Material: 0.0%
Shrunken & Broken: 1.7%
Total Defects: 1.9%
Vitreous Kernels: 66.3%
Grade 1 DNS
Origin:  USA

Wheat Non-Grade Data:

Dockage: 0.6%
Moisture: 11.9%
Protein 12%/0% moisture basis: 14.8/16.8%
Ash 14%/0% moisture basis: 1.72/2.00%
1000 Kernel Weight: 26.5g
Kernel Size lg/md/sm: 28/66/6%
Single Kernel: Hardness 86.2
Sedimentation: 60.4cc
Falling Number: 368sec
DON: 0.8ppm

Flour Data:

Lab Mill Extraction: 68.5%
Protein 14%/0% moisture basis: 13.5/15.7%
Ash 14%/0% moisture basis: 0.53/0.64%
Wet Gluten: 36.7%
Gluten Index: 86.4%
Falling Number 389sec
Amylograph Viscosity: 65g (bu) 573
100g (bu) 1976
Starch Damage: 8.2%

Free of Molding, Chemicals, Pests, or Insects


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