International Business Development and Import-Export Consulting Services

Business Consulting/Coaching

International Business Consulting and Coaching Services

Harkness International business consulting services are created to fit the unique business needs and situation of any company. Among other topics, we can coach you on:

  • International Sales
  • Import Products
  • Export Products
  • Establish an International Sales Team
Guidance: International Sales Management and/or Advice

We can help you acquire knowledge on the international selling and purchasing process until you can do it on your own.

With the ever-changing international business environment, companies often contract us for ongoing consultancy.

Consulting Services to Import Products

Even if you have a product supplier, the international business market can be a major challenge.  With our services, Harkness International can provide all the support you need throughout this process

If you need a product created or manufactured, we ensure it is delivered in accordance with the specifications and quantities you requested.

Additionally, if you want to establish an office or branch abroad, we will provide support to ensure you make solid, long-lasting decisions.

With extensive experience working in numerous countries, Harkness International can guide you on buying products worldwide, safely and profitably.


Consulting Services to Export Products

Much like our importing consulting services, we also provide exporting consulting service to companies that want to export products but do not have the know-how yet.

We can advise you how to:

  • Set-up a sound business structure so you can export and sell in your target area.
  • Build an international sales team to establish and run an office/branch abroad.

With over 40 years of experience in the international business sector, Harkness International can advise its customers on every aspect of the exporting process, allowing them to learn how to effectively operate all over the world.

Establish an International Sales Team

We are prepared to instruct, guide, and advise a company in the development of top-notch international business teams; which will ultimately be able to run the operations on their own.

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